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I help dog lovers learn the
Art of Pack Leadership
so they can create a successful career with dogs!

Are you unfulfilled or unsatisfied with your current job?

Do you wish there was a way to learn how to have a financially successful & fulfilling business working with dogs?

Well GREAT, this is my specialty!

My Dog Training has:

a World Wide Reach

in 7 Different Countries

Helped over 200+ Students

learn Pack Leadership

Voted Best Dog Trainer in Vermont

Voted Best Dog Trainer

in Vermont (2022)


Are you worried you don't have enough confidence or dog experience?

Testimonials by students of our online professional dog walking course

"The course truly will equip you with the skills that you need. I'm not anything special.


I'm not this like magical dog whisperer. I just took the course and I followed the program. It genuinely is the most positive life change I've ever made!"

- Alexx of Chance's Canine Camp


Hi! I'm Rhonda!

I'm your Dog Camp teacher and guide to learn how to become an amazing Pack Leader!

I'll help you learn the skills necessary to run a successful dog camp business so that you can enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling and financially independent life! (you don't have to waste your time and money and endless days of dog walking frustration like I did!)

Read on to learn more!
Learn how to start a dog camp

Are you unsatisfied with your current job and wonder if Dog Camp can be full-time?

Learn how to hike and train packs of dogs

"I'm full-time running camp one year out from the course and I'm full!  I have a waitlist of dogs trying to get in! I started off part-time and now I have over 30 clients so it's pretty cool to see how you can grow your business!"

- Emma of Mountain Ridge Dog Pack

Online professional dog walker course

The My Dog Camp Online Course

My Dog Camp is a comprehensive online course about Mastering the Art of Pack Leadership. This step-by-step premium course is designed for passionate dog lovers to develop skills to confidently grow a dog camp business into a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. 

The My Dog Camp Online Course is my most popular program! Enrollment is currently closed to the public, however you can watch my free '3 Secrets of Pack Leadership Masterclass' to receive an exclusive invitation to enroll:

Are you a dog walker struggling with excelling

and attaining financial freedom?

Dog Walking Course

"This course is such a low cost to start a business and it helps so much.


If I could have used these techniques on day one, I would have saved so much money, stress and so much time in the first few years of building my dog walking business!"

- Brie of Expawditions

Master the Art of Pack Leadership

Learn how to Hike and Train Packs of Dogs Professionally

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling, and financially independent life?


Your answers can be found here!​

Our Online Course is your gateway to a thriving dog career, where you get to hike and train dogs for a living!


What is Dog Camp?


Experience the ultimate outdoor doggie daycare without boundaries

–  Dog Camp, a dog’s gateway to exhilarating adventures & boundless fun!

Elevating the Dog Walking Experience

Going beyond the ordinary, picking up each furry friend from their homes and whisking them away to off-leash friendly havens. Here, they’ll hike, swim, play, sniff, safely socialize, enhance their proprioception in a mentally and physically enriching environment while learning advanced obedience & behavioral skills with their buddies. All while creating cherished memories every step of the way.

Unleash the Full Potential

Dog Camp isn’t your typical dog daycare; it’s an extraordinary journey of growth and learning. Dog Camp fosters basic obedience and social skills amidst high distractions, empowering each dog to blossom into their best selves.

Comfort and Happiness Guaranteed

Unlike traditional dog daycare settings, we prioritize individual attention, natural setting that provides lots of space and comfort with smaller pack sizes. As a result, every dog leaves with a smile, feeling secure and fulfilled.

The Perfect Fit for All

Dog Camp caters to the adventurers at heart who revel in the great outdoors and being around other dogs, as well as those who prefer a more intimate and relaxed setting. This versatile approach ensures every dog’s unique needs are met with care and understanding.

Don't believe you can do this?


Graduates have massive success with our course!

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