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Hi! I'm Rhonda Bilodeau,

I'm the creator of the My Dog Camp Online Course.


My passion for empowering individuals to run their own dog camp businesses stems from my unwavering belief that it’s the most rewarding and empowering path one can take in this lifetime.

Learn how to become a professional dog walker

With this conviction, I set out to create a transformative course that not only ignites your journey to hiking, training dogs and Pack Leadership but also focuses on self improvement (because every great business needs a great leader). I was once an under-confident Pack Leader until I learned the industries top secrets. Now, in our course, I ensure you'll avoid the struggles and myths that once hindered my own growth.


My 16+ years of hands-on dog camp and dog training experience (especially in off-leash Pack Leadership) have helped countless dogs and guided hundreds of students through our online courses to become confident Pack Leaders. Before I found this career, I wanted to do something big and help others. Now, I help dog lovers like you, who want to make a big impact in their communities creating a profitable career hiking and training dogs.

I had very little understanding about dogs when I first started my journey (I didn't even have a dog when I started my dog walking business and even got denied by my local doggy daycare!). I felt like I was starting at a deficit but then a few years later I accomplished being an incredible Pack Leader! The system I used then and improve upon each year is in our course! My ultimate joy lies in witnessing the transformation of each student, as they discover their passion and embrace their calling. If I can do it, you can do it! You're in much better hands than I was when I first started because you're in my hands! 


As your guide at My Dog Camp, I am thrilled & committed to providing you expert guidance throughout your journey. I can’t wait to empower you to create a life filled with purpose, joy, and success with dogs! You now have someone on your side, rooting for you :)

My Dog Training has:

a World Wide Reach

in 7 Different Countries

Helped over 200+ Students

learn Pack Leadership

Voted Best Dog Trainer in Vermont

Voted Best Dog Trainer

in Vermont (2022)

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