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[  Attention Passionate Dog Lovers!  ]

Learn how to turn your passion for dogs into a fulfilling and financially rewarding career hiking and training dogs while consistently making $300-600+ a day!

3 Biggest Secrets of Pack Leadership Masterclass

Hosted by me (Rhonda Bilodeau)

Discover insider secrets of Pack Leadership in this FREE online virtual Masterclass. Learn what it takes to have well trained dog packs and a financially rewarding Dog Camp business (with little startup costs or overhead costs and without the headaches of a facility or employees!). You'll be surprised how much you can make having fun with dogs!

Learn how to supercharge a traditional dog walking service into a thriving career that will create an amazing life for you, your dogs and your community. We teach you how to go from zero to hero!


In this NEW free Masterclass you’ll discover:

• The 3 Biggest Pack Leader secrets to helping more dogs lead happier & healthier lives so you can make a bigger impact in your communities having fun with dogs.

• Plus, 3 mistakes dog walkers make that prevent them from becoming great Pack Leaders.

• How dog lovers in the pet industry have switched to running dog camps being their own bosses, having dogs for co-workers, working outside and  making over $600 a day!

• Learn about our Mastering Pack Leadership System™ so you feel confident training dogs. Plus, learn our Business Builder so you feel confident running your own business. 

• You’ll leave with a plan, feeling clear and confident about what it takes to become a Pack Leader running dog camps and what this career could do for you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially in your life.

My Training has:

Voted Best Dog Trainer in Vermont

Voted Best Dog Trainer

in Vermont (2022)

a World Wide Reach

in 7 Different Countries

Helped over 200+ Students

learn Pack Leadership

    Exciting news for all dog lovers and aspiring dog professionals!   

Enrollment is Opening Again Soon!

Enrollment for the My Dog Camp Online Course is opening soon, and we're offering exclusive bonuses for a limited time.


Don’t miss your chance to transform your passion for dogs into a rewarding career, hiking and training dogs.

The My Dog Camp Online Course

Unlock the potential of a rewarding and flexible career with the My Dog Camp Online Course! Imagine spending your days outdoors, surrounded by happy, wagging tails, while earning a substantial income. Our comprehensive course equips you with all the skills you need to start and run your own successful dog camp business.

Earn Up to $600+ a Day!

With the My Dog Camp Online Course, you can transform your passion for dogs into a lucrative career. Learn how to create a thriving business where you can earn $300-$600+ a day by offering premium dog hiking, training, and care services. Our course provides step-by-step guidance on how to attract and retain clients, build and train your dog packs, manage your operations efficiently, and scale your business for maximum profitability.

Benefits of Running Your Own Dog Camp Business:

  • Financial Freedom: Enjoy a steady and significant income by offering sought-after dog care services.

  • Flexible Schedule: Be your own boss and set your own hours, allowing for a perfect work-life balance.

  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Spend your days exploring beautiful trails and parks with happy, energetic dogs.

  • Personal Fulfillment: Make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their owners, creating a loyal and satisfied client base.

  • Growth Opportunities: Expand your business with advanced training programs and additional pet care services.


Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Training Modules: Covering everything from dog behavior and training techniques to business management and marketing strategies.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn expert techniques after 15+ years of experience running a dog camp and helping others start their own.

  • Practical Resources: Access to downloadable materials, forms, questionnaires, templates, and checklists to streamline your operations.

  • Community Support: Join a network of like-minded students who now have their own Dog Camp’s for support, advice, and collaboration.

Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career.


Register for the new (FREE!) Masterclass
and start your journey to financial freedom and career fulfillment today!


Praise from our Students



Mountain Ridge Dog Pack

I'm full-time running camp one year out...

"I'm full-time running camp one year out and my camp is full. I have a waitlist of dogs trying to get in! I started off part time and now I have over 30 clients so it's pretty cool to see how you can grow your business!"




The course is such a low cost...

"The My Dog Camp Online Course is such a low cost to start a business and it helps so much. If I could have used the techniques in the course on day one, I would have saved so much money, stress and so much time in the first few years of building my dog walking business."

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 3.50.31 PM.png


Chance's Canine Club

I'm not this like magical dog whisperer...

"I'm not this like magical dog whisperer. I just I took the My Dog Camp Online Course and I followed the program. It genuinely is the most positive life change I've ever made!"

Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career.


Register for the new (FREE!) Masterclass
and start your journey to financial freedom and career fulfillment today!

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