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Professional dog walking online course

My Dog Camp Online Course

My Dog Camp is a comprehensive online course about Mastering the Art of Pack Leadership. This step-by-step premium course is designed for passionate dog lovers to develop skills to confidently grow a dog camp business into a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. 


 Are you longing for a satisfying job?

Are you passionate about dogs?

Do you dream of financial freedom?

Are you craving a sense of purpose?

 We'll show you how to transform 
your passion into a rewarding 
dog camp career! 

Hi! I'm Rhonda Bilodeau,

I'm the creator of the My Dog Camp online course.


My passion for empowering individuals to run their own dog camp businesses stems from my unwavering belief that it’s the most rewarding and empowering path a dog lover can take in this lifetime.

Online Professional Dog Walking Course

With this conviction, I set out to create a transformative course that not only ignites your journey to hiking, training dogs and Pack Leadership but also focuses on self improvement (because every great business needs a great leader). I was once an under-confident Pack Leader until I learned the industries top secrets. Now, in our course, I ensure you'll avoid the struggles and myths that once hindered my own growth.


My 16+ years of hands-on dog camp and dog training experience (especially in off-leash Pack Leadership) have helped countless dogs and guided hundreds of students through our online courses to become confident Pack Leaders. Before I found this career, I wanted to do something big and help others. Now, I help dog lovers like you, who want to make a big impact in their communities creating a profitable career hiking and training dogs.

I had very little understanding about dogs when I first started my journey (I didn't even have a dog when I started my dog walking business and even got denied by my local doggy daycare!). I felt like I was starting at a deficit but then a few years later I accomplished being an incredible Pack Leader! The system I used then and improve upon each year is in our course! My ultimate joy lies in witnessing the transformation of each student, as they discover their passion and embrace their calling. If I can do it, you can do it! You're in much better hands than I was when I first started because you're in my hands! 


As your guide at My Dog Camp, I am thrilled & committed to providing you expert guidance throughout your journey. I can’t wait to empower you to create a life filled with purpose, joy, and success with dogs! You now have someone on your side, rooting for you :)

My Dog Training has:

a World Wide Reach

in 7 Different Countries

Helped over 200+ Students

learn Pack Leadership

Voted Best Dog Trainer in Vermont

Voted Best Dog Trainer

in Vermont (2022)

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Is the My Dog Camp Online Course right for me?

My Dog Camp is NOT for you if...

🚫 You don't love dogs
🚫 You don't have an interest in a profitable career hiking and training dogs
🚫 You want a magic wand that trains your dogs instantly
🚫 You have a dog pack and like the chaos of untrained dogs
🚫 You don't believe you can create an exciting career hiking & training dogs
🚫 You don't want the best solution to training a pack of dogs off-leash
🚫 You don't see the value in seeking out an expert in the field of Pack Leadership
🚫 You don't want learn from a top off-leash socialization expert
🚫 You just want a free solution for your problems

My Dog Camp is RIGHT for you if...

✅ You're feeling burnt out, undervalued and underpaid and want a new exciting career

✅ You want to make more money & have more freedom

✅ You haven't found your purpose and want to work with dogs

✅ You want to help dogs in a fun way

✅ You want to learn more about socializing dogs in a safe way that empowers dogs

✅ You want more hands on experience socializing dogs

✅ You're unhappy in your career

✅ You want more control over your dogs off-leash

✅ You crave structure & want a plan before leaving your job

✅ You're a dog lover who wants an exciting career with dogs

✅ You want to get in shape

✅ You're obsessed with your dog and want to spend all day with your dog

✅ You want to run your own business and have financial control over your destiny

✅ You love learning from dog training experts

✅ You want to make money working with dogs during these hours 9-2pm

A day in the life of dog camp

Are you a dog walker struggling with excelling

and attaining financial freedom?

Online Professional Dog Walking Course
Professional dog walking online course

"I was walking 7-10 dogs a day and started to feel overwhelmed because I needed some help with my dogs. Some of them were picking on other dogs, fights broke out for what I thought was no reason. I could tell some of them were stressed and they were stressing out others. I started taking my personal dogs to local trainers to troubleshoot how to train them to benefit my camp. I found some success but still was struggling until another dog walker in my area suggested your course.

The course is such a low cost to start a business and it helps so much. If I could have used the techniques in the course on day one, I would have saved so much money, stress and so much time in the first few years of building my dog walking business."

- Brie of Expawditions

Are you worried you don't have enough confidence or dog experience?

Learn how to hike and train packs of dogs
Professional dog walking online course

"The course truly will equip you with the skills that you need. I'm not anything special.


I'm not this like magical dog whisperer. I just took the course and I followed the program. It genuinely is the most positive life change I've ever made!"

- Alexx of Chance's Canine Camp


Are you unsatisfied with your current job and wonder if Dog Camp can be full-time?

Learn how to become a professional dog walker
Professional dog walking online course

"I had just graduated college and was driving an hour one way to go to work at this job. I was making good money, I had full benefits but I lasted 10 months. I was burnt out. I had taken the My Dog Camp course with the idea that I was just going to do it for fun on weekends. I really saw how fun running my own dog camp was, how flexible it could be and the joy it brought my own dog. I also loved seeing how much joy it brought my client's dogs being outside. Being stuck indoors was something I struggled with at my old job, because I was at a desk for eight hours.

I'm full time running camp one year out from the course and I'm full! I have a waitlist of dogs trying to get in! I started off part time and now I have over 30 clients so it's pretty cool to see how you can grow your business!"

- Emma of Mountain Ridge Dog Pack


Your Dreams Are Within Reach!

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What Our Course Offers 🎓

Expert Guidance

Gain the knowledge, structure, and confidence you need to turn your passion into a successful and thriving career. Our comprehensive course covers all aspects of hiking, training and socializing dogs, tailored just for you!

Take Charge

Whether you’re starting anew or seeking to take your dog walking business to new heights, our course equips you with the tools to take control, have a plan, get support and maximize profitability.


Clarity Amidst the Chaos

Say goodbye to confusion and frustration as we provide you with precise and effective dog training advice to develop your Pack Leadership skills. You’ll receive the guidance you need to grow your business into the soaring success you desire.

Purpose-Driven Career

Discover the profound satisfaction of helping others through your love for dogs. Your meaningful impact will create ripples of happiness and fulfillment in both human and dog's lives.

Fitness & Financial Freedom

Embrace a healthier lifestyle while achieving the financial independence you’ve dreamed of. Hiking with dogs will not only keep you mentally, physically and emotionally well, but also pave the way to prosperity.

Your Dog by Your Side

No more heartache leaving your best friend home all day. Bring your dog to work and experience the joy of sharing unforgettable moments together and a tired dog after you both get off of work! By far the biggest benefit ;)

Enroll Now for a Life-Changing Experience!

Everybody has those moments in their life when you have to seize the opportunity. This is one of those times! The My Dog Camp Online Course will help you turn your dreams into reality. Bask in a fulfilling career filled with love, passion, abundance, purpose and A LOT of dogs! What could be better than that?

Enroll now and secure your spot and set forth on an adventure that will forever change your life!


 Curious to know how much you can make? 


Check out how much Dog Camp Providers are making:

Within 2-3 years of following our proprietary Mastering Pack Leadership System™, most dog camp providers reach...

  • 8-12 dogs a day (take as many dogs as you are comfortable with)

  •  they charge on average $40 per dog for a day of camp 

  •  (you can increase your pricing based on your market & service)

On average, dog camp graduates make...

  •  $400.00 a day ($80/hr) 

  •  for 5 hours of work - hiking, socializing, training & transporting 

  •  They average $2,000.00 a week! 

  •  Many prefer to only work 4 days & have a long weekend  

  •  These graduates make $1,600.00 a week! 

Absolutely incredible statistics for a 1-time investment!
Where else can you do that in the field of dogs?

Run Dog Camp Part-time or Full-time, it's completely up to you!

Do you want the freedom of working for yourself

and with dogs but not sure how?

Professional dog walking online course
Learn how to become a professional dog walker

“If there was one thing I knew I loved in life it was dogs. The My Dog Camp Course was a perfect fit for me; an over-enthusiastic, unorganized person, with little dog experience.


The My Dog Camp course helped me finally start a business where I could be really happy spending my days with dogs and living out my entrepreneurial dreams!"

- Chelsea of Buddy's Buddies Dog Camp

Copy of 3 Secrets to Pack Leadership Masterclass-6_edited.jpg

Dare to Dream BIG

Transform your love for dogs into a career beyond your wildest imagination just like these students!

Do you crave financial stability and the

ability to take time off?

Professional dog walking online course
Professional dog walking online course

“I am a very passionate person. I just wasn’t passionate about any of the jobs I was in. But I knew I was passionate about dogs and traveling. Not only has My Dog Camp given me the ability to make an impact in my client’s and their dog's lives but I’m able to travel all over the world.


My Dog Camp has given me financial stability and flexibility to take off as many days as I want. Each year I take a month off plus a few 2 week vacations a year. I don’t have any other friends with that type of flexibility in their schedule. My Dog Camp was a true blessing for this adventure seeking dog lover! It’s been such a blessing that my husband has joined me this year and we’re now running our dog camp together!”

- Rachel of Tranquil Dog Care and Camp

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Your Dream Career Awaits You!

Embrace the Adventure of Pack Leadership,

Dog Hiking and Training

Online Professional Dog Walking Course
Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind and hello to a career that sets your soul on fire!


Design Your Own Life
Imagine finishing your day’s work by 1 pm, leaving you with ample time to cherish unforgettable moments with your loved ones or pursue other passions and hobbies.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips
Picture having all the answers to your challenges in one place, guided by a seasoned professional who has walked the same path as you, starting from not knowing much about dogs to achieving great levels of success. This is your ultimate destination for growth and learning.

Health and Fitness
Experience a remarkable transformation as you and your dogs get healthier and fitter by hiking and training dogs. Embrace the outdoors and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle surrounded by these incredible animals. Did we mention the mental and emotional benefits too? Being outdoors, with dogs, in the sunshine, in the rhythm of nature, connected to the Earth keeps you feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. There are so many health benefits to being outside that we couldn't even begin to start naming them! You will also see the incredible changes in your dogs as they also reap these benefits of being outdoors, connected to the Earth, socializing and exercising as nature intended.

Empower Your Pack Leadership
Gain more control and leadership over your pack, leading to higher earnings and a thriving business. You can't find this information in any college course!

Expand Your Business
Need something to do during the week days of 9-2pm? Turn your least busy hours into your most highly profitable time! It could be an asset for your dog training business as well. Unleash the potential of adding a new revenue stream that aligns perfectly with your passion.

Financial Freedom & Flexibility 
Create a life of financial freedom and flexibility, allowing you to take off as many days as you desire to spend quality time with friends, family, or travel to exciting adventures around the world.

Earn $80,000+ a Year
Yes, you read that right! Imagine making a substantial income to support you and your family while doing what you love – hiking, training, and playing with dogs!

Spend Quality Time with Your Dog
Embrace each day with your beloved dog by your side. Imagine the joy of bringing your dog to work every day, engaging in playful interactions with other dogs, swimming, and hiking together! Watch them smile all day long because of you!

Make a Difference
Make a positive impact on people’s lives through your passion and love for dogs!

Are you worried about what your friends or family might think about you starting a dog camp?

Learn how to become a professional dog walker
Learn how to become a professional dog walker

"I thought about taking the course and my mom thought it was a pyramid scheme. She thinks it's so funny now because she looks at me and how successful my businesses is and I’m like -‘eat your words mom’.

My word of advice is if you're on the fence, just do it! It helps so much with personal dog training and even if you start slow, it gives you the tools to work with your own personal dog. Just being able to have that type of training is so helpful."

- Cassidy of Peck's Adventure Pack


The My Dog Camp Online Course is for new and current dog professionals like You!

  • Embrace Entrepreneurship: Learn how to escape the corporate grind.

  • No More Mindless Meetings: Embrace a life well spent.

  • Work-Life Balance: Experience balance in your life for the first time.

  • Flexibility at Its Best: Learn how to be more free in your life.

  • Pursue Your Passions: Bring passion back into your career.

  • An Active Lifestyle: No more thinking about working out.

  • Embrace Creativity: Stop suppressing and unleash your wild side.

  • Guilt-Free Days: Everyday is you and your dog's Best. Day. Ever.

  • Live in Nature’s Rhythm: Connection to Earth is like coming home to yourself.

  • Low Overhead Startup: Become the smartest biz owner on the block.

  • Affordable Learning: The best investment you ever made for the return.

Learn how to be a pack leader

Do you need to be able to support your family?

Professional dog walking online course
Professional dog walking online course

“I have always loved being with dogs and I was at a point in my life where I wanted to transition out of my 9 to 5 shirt and tie job but I needed a way to make enough money to support my family. I had no idea how to manage multiple dogs walking loose at once.


The My Dog Camp course turned out to be a great decision. Not only did I learn how to manage multiple dogs, I also learned how to choose dogs that would be a good fit for the pack walk. The course also taught me how to start my business, what insurance I needed, how to market my new business, how to find customers, how to find property to hike on, and more.


I took the course nearly two years ago and have been working with dogs full-time ever since. Without My Dog Camp, this would not have been possible. Rhonda’s knowledge and her support have been invaluable. If you are thinking about a new career working with dogs, sign up for this program. At the end, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to lead your own dog packs!”

- JR of Green Bandana Dogs

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Transform Your Passion into a Thriving Career!

Online Professional Dog Walking Course

Are you ready to take your love for dogs to new heights and build a successful career in the world of dog camps? Look no further! Our revamped online course is bigger and better than ever, with exciting new lessons and valuable materials!

What Awaits You in Our Comprehensive Course

Extensive Learning Materials to Feel Prepared for Anything
Get ready for an immersive learning experience! Each module, you’ll receive a treasure trove of videos, handouts, contracts, forms, and e-books, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed for success.


Engaging Quizzes and Homework
Stay motivated and on track with weekly quizzes and homework that reinforce your understanding and progress. All of Rhonda's 16 years of experience working with packs of dogs are shared in these entertaining deep dive calls going over the quiz and each week's material.


Why Choose the My Dog Camp Online Course

We’re not just a course; we’re your stepping stone to a fulfilling and rewarding career. We care about your success and you have access to Rhonda inside the FB Group. Your success is our success.

Empowerment through Knowledge
Our course is packed with valuable insights, expert guidance, and time-tested techniques. From building your dog packs to effective marketing strategies, we leave no stone unturned.


Elevate Your Career
Whether you’re starting from scratch, expanding your existing business, or seeking new challenges, our course caters to dog enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Do you have self doubts and limiting beliefs that get in the way of you pursuing your dream?

Learn how to become a professional dog walker
Professional dog walking online course

"I had hesitations. Is this something I can really do? Are people going to hire me? Why would they hire me? But that's also why I wanted to take the course, I felt like it gave me that edge. 


Having a camp is amazing, it's like a dream! Sometimes I still feel like I'm in a dream. I get to wake up, spend my day with dogs, make my own schedule, work on my time, and make a legitimate living doing something that I really love and that makes me happy. I’m not angry and stressed out after this long workday at the office. I just feel happy and I feel good, The journey has been amazing.


I spent a couple of months debating back and forth and the moment I went for it, all this stress, just melted off. Make the decision and go all in because it's so worth it!"

- Lindsey of  VT Dog Treks

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Breakdown of what's inside the course :

 Module 1 - Dog Pack Physchology

Unlock Your Potential!
Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs and embark on an incredible adventure of starting your own business? We believe in you, and in our first week together, we’ll conquer all those self-doubts, empowering you with positivity and confidence to kickstart your dream venture!


A Fresh Perspective on Dog Behavior
At My Dog Camp, we believe that understanding a dog’s misbehavior starts with compassion and empathy. In our course, we’ll show you that most of a dog’s misbehavior is rooted in stress, rather than a desire to be a “brat” or dominate. Together, we’ll shift the focus towards supporting the pack through relaxation techniques, fostering a harmonious bond based on trust and understanding, rather than dominance.


A Path to Harmony
Our course is designed to revolutionize your perception of dog psychology, making it a joyous and seamless experience out at dog camp for you. Embracing a compassionate and supportive training methodology will empower you to build a strong connection with your pack, unlocking the hidden potential within each furry companion.


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 Module 2 - I Speak Dog Pack 

Deciphering the Language of Dogs
Understanding a dog’s emotions is just the beginning of speaking their language. To truly connect with them, you must learn to read and interpret their body language, deciphering what they’re trying to say. This week’s invaluable content is all about creating a safe and peaceful environment to create harmony within your pack. By mastering the art of interpreting their cues, you’ll enhance your communication skills, becoming a valuable and trusted Pack Leader for your dogs, clients, and community.

Embrace the Power of Communication
Our course will empower you to communicate with dogs in a way that resonates with them, instilling trust and confidence. As you learn to read their subtle gestures, you’ll effortlessly implement effective training techniques, leading to a stronger bond with your pack and an enriched training experience for everyone involved.

Elevate Your Skills as a Trainer
By delving into the intricacies of canine body language, you’ll elevate your expertise as a dog trainer, making you an indispensable asset to your pack, clients, and local community. Your newfound skills will not only create a safer and happier environment at work but also enhance the overall well-being of the dogs in your care.

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Module 3 - Dog Pack Essentials

Essential Tools for Building a Safe and Harmonious Pack
In the world of dog training, having the right tools (like leashes, collars, long lines, bells, harnesses, barriers etc.) and a deep understanding of their usage is absolutely crucial. As you embark on the journey of building your pack, this knowledge becomes the foundation for ensuring safety and fostering harmony right from the start.

Nurturing a Cohesive Pack
With the right tools and knowledge at your disposal, you’ll be able to establish clear boundaries, encourage positive behavior, and address any challenges that arise with confidence and effectiveness. Building a harmonious pack becomes a rewarding experience for both you and your furry companions.

Setting the Foundation for Success
By enrolling in our course, you’re taking a crucial step towards becoming a skilled and responsible pack leader. Embrace the knowledge and understanding of these tools, and watch as you lay the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling journey with your pack.

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Module 4 - The Dog Pack Training System™

Unlock the Power of Behavior Modification Combined with Traditional Dog Training
In this crucial section, we focus on behavior modification, obedience training and management. With our proprietary Dog Pack Training System™ that is the key to all your problems, you'll create highly reliable and well-behaved companions. You’ll gain invaluable insights into fostering self-control and confidence in your dogs, even when faced with stimulating environments.

Building a Strong Pack Leadership Framework
With the knowledge and techniques provided, you’ll create a strong Pack Leadership framework that not only improves obedience but also enhances your dogs’ overall well-being. Gain the skills to address any behavioral challenges inside the car, on the trail, off-leash, socializing and around big distractions. Transform your pack into a cohesive and responsive team.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Management is such a crucial part of this course to make sure you're safe and as successful as possible. When you understand when to train and when to manage you'll grow leaps and bounds beyond your wildest dreams! Management is a game changer.

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Module 5 - Construction of the Dog Pack

Unlock the Key to a Lifetime of Business Success
Before expanding your pack, it’s essential to know which dogs to take on board, setting the stage for a thriving and successful business journey. Our comprehensive course will equip you with the skills to interview dogs and clients, enabling you to build a pack that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Master the Art of Dog and Client Interviewing
In this critical section, we delve into the art of interviewing, helping you identify the ideal dogs and clients to complement your pack and business vision. Understanding the needs and personalities of both dogs and their owners will ensure a harmonious and fruitful partnership.

Embrace Effective Marketing and Advertising
As a pack leader and business owner, you’ll also discover the secrets of best marketing and advertising practices. Our course provides valuable insights on reaching your target audience, promoting your services, and fostering a strong brand presence in the competitive world of dog training.

Set Yourself Up for Lasting Success
By enrolling in our course, you’re setting yourself up for long-term business success. Gain the expertise to curate a pack that flourishes, attract loyal clients, and create a strong brand identity that sets you apart in the industry.

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Module 6 - Pack Socialization Success

Master the Art of Managing Packs of Dogs Smoothly
In this section, we take a deep dive into more intricate aspects of pack management and socialization. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to handle common problems on the trail with ease, creating a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companions.

Elevate Your Pack’s Social Skills
Socializing dogs is an Art, and we’ll equip you with the techniques to foster positive interactions among your pack members. From understanding pack dynamics to promoting harmonious play, you’ll become a Pack Leader Master at creating a cohesive and well-balanced pack.

Unleash Your Full Potential as a Pack Leader
By mastering these advanced concepts, you’re taking significant strides towards becoming an exceptional Pack Leader. The insights gained in this module will empower you to overcome challenges, inspire trust in your dogs, and elevate your status as a proficient and respected Pack Leader.

And there's more! You'll also get:

Mastering Pack Leadership System™

This is our extensive dog pack training system that includes 6 modules. Students learn about dog psychology, dog body language, selecting dogs, training the dogs, pack training, in-car training, off-leash training and management.


Dog Camp
Business Builder

The business builder is crucial for dog walkers as it equips them with the tools and knowledge needed to expand their services, attract more clients, and how to keep those clients happy while maintaining their boundaries.

Contracts &

Specialty contracts are essential for dog walkers to ensure clear expectations, responsibilities, and boundaries are established. This fosters a harmonious and safe environment for the dogs under their care and creates a happy work environment.

Learn how to be a pack leader

Zoom Calls

These calls provide an invaluable supplement to your learning experience, allowing you to broaden your understanding with Pro Pack Leader, Rhonda Bilodeau.  Elevate your skills and understanding through these zoom calls with over 12+ hours worth of content going deep into the psychology behind each module's training & business concepts. Rhonda goes over the quizzes & common questions from students sharing with her all her life's experience.

Professional dog walking online course
Learn how to be a pack leader

Private Facebook

Group Community

Join a vibrant network of fellow dog lovers and aspiring professionals dedicated to mastering the art of dog camp. As a new student, you'll gain exclusive access to a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate successes along your journey. You also get exclusive access to Rhonda to ask any dog camp question or for the shy, explore a database of previously asked questions from students. 



Do you want to be happy spending everyday with dogs?

Professional dog walking online course
Learn how to become a professional dog walker

"Today I am the happiest I have ever been in my career. GMCC has flourished into a bustling small business where I’m making more than my traditional career in marketing!


I get to spend every day with my best fur friend and a pack of other amazing dogs. I would never have taken the leap into starting my own dog camp if it weren’t for Rhonda, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and support!”

- Sara of Green Mountain Canine Camp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this price compare to other programs?

I don’t know of any other programs that teach the Art of Pack Leadership and show you how to start a business. That's why I created it :) If you resonate with me and what you've read here then you'll resonate with the way I train. Every trainer is different and some focus more on obedience. I focus on obedience plus behavior modification, management, relaxation & mindset techniques for yourself and the dogs.  My Shadow Programs used to cost $2k for a week and I still couldn’t teach everything I teach in this course in such great detail! Today, you can only access me here inside the course. ​

I was originally looking to go somewhere to learn how to do this because I don't learn as well online. Is learning in-person a better option?

It's hard to find someone that teaches this specific art form and really understands behavior modification. I’ve had a lot of mentors in my time and almost none of them are qualified to teach this subject because they don't understand behavior modification. Many work a lot with strict obedience and a lot of suppression. I personally am a hands-on learner too. I thought I couldn't learn well online but the opposite turned out to be true. I learn very well online because it allows me to re-watch and listen to videos - so valuable for my slower processing brain! Learning in-person usually means you only have access to the mentor during that time and only hear things once. In the My Dog Camp course, I put everything I know about running a dog camp into my course (no stone left unturned) and you get access to me and can ask me (and the growing community) questions anytime in the private FB group!

How long do I have access to the Course?

You have lifetime access to the course as long as you are in good standing. You also have access to any future updates.

Can you really start your own Dog Camp business all from the Online Course?
Absolutely! Our proven system has empowered countless dog lovers, even those without prior experience, to achieve success all while doing this from the comfort of their home, online.

Do I receive some sort of certificate?
Yes, when you complete all the quizzes and show you've completed all the videos you will receive a My Dog Camp certificate of completion. You can then show clients this certification if they ask what your experience is working with dogs.

Do I need to upgrade to a larger vehicle if I have a small car?
No. You can start with what you have. As your pack grows and your income increases, you might want to consider a larger vehicle.

Are there additional costs after purchasing the course for starting the business?
Startup costs are minimal. Dog camp is a low-startup, low-overhead business that requires most things you already have! Some of those essentials are; a car, leashes, treats and the things you will need to invest in are in marketing and insurance.

Can I make this a full-time or part-time job?
Absolutely, the flexibility is yours! Whether you want to work part-time or dive into a full-time career, the choice is yours to make. You are your own boss! You decide how many days you work and how quickly you want to grow. Work as little or as much as you’d like!

How long until I’m able to make this a full time career?
Results vary depending on how populated your area is. Most people make My Dog Camp a full time career within 1.5 years!

I already have set up a business. Is the full course necessary?
Our Mastering Pack Leadership System™ is well worth the price of the course. Students who already have businesses are surprised by the advanced business building section that helps them improve client relations, develop more professionalism through professional handouts and contracts, improve upon their websites and business appearance helping them generate thousands more each year!

Will I be able to support my family?
Absolutely! You will see countless testimonials from past graduates making more money than their traditional jobs! Not only can you support your family, but you’ll also have more quality time to spend with them, as you can finish work by 2 pm. Most of our graduates are the primary providers for their families! Incredible!

How fast will I be able to transition from my current job to hiking dogs for a living?

Many people will go from full time at their current job to part time, walking dogs on their off days. They usually make the transition in 3-6 months . This is a great way to change careers because it means you have consistent money coming in!


“I can’t wait to help you start 

 your exciting new  career!” 

 - Rhonda Bilodeau 

 Creator of My Dog Camp 

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